November 18

What I learned about in movies and acting

Step 1: When you are making a movie you will need to take different shots from different angles.

Such as…..

long shots

close shots

over the shoulder shot

under shot

extra  close shot

and  middle shot.


Step 2:If you want to have a background for example a woods and people walking in the woods you will need a green screen

what a green screen does it will help get a background.

Such as…





anywhere really.


Step 3:Acting is the most important out of it all.If it is a part in a movie when it is sad they will have to show their emotions a lot.And of course all the others too!

Such as…..






And that’s how to make the perfect movie!!!!……BYE!!!!








October 23

10 Things you did not know about me !

1. my name is Ellen .

2. I love  to dance and play football.

3. my  favorite food is ……..Pizza

4. my favourite colour is blue .

5. I  love to go on my ipod and listen to music.

6.I like to play with my friends.

7.I love to eat …..SWEETS!!

8.I play football with ST.MARYS! and dance with Kid kast .

9.I love one direction I love Niall Horan.

10. My house is in drogheda.

Thanks for reading ……..BYE!!!!

October 22

My A-Z

a,  awesome ,b birthday , c cool , d  dad , e ellen  , f fish , g good ,h hairband ,I is ,j Jackson ,k karete    ,l lemon  ,m  magazine  ,n NO ,o orange , p peppa pig  ,q queen ,r road ,s super

,t  tie ,u umberella  ,v Vincent ,w white , x x -ray  y yellow  z zebra………. BYE

October 22

my avatar

ellens avatarHi the name of my avatar is Ellen.I  have a purple  t shirt because it  is one  of my favourite  colours.I have a  blue  tu – tu  because I absolutley love blue . And I  have  a  princess sign on  my shirt  because  I like the idea  of the crown because I want to  be a Queen . I have a happy face to  show I always  am happy . Thats my Avatar bye!!!!



October 21

Who I am online

When I am offline I am a normal  girl , a dancing queen and a pro at gaelic.

OH! I forgot to mention  I like to chill , listen to music One Direction, they’re my Ultimate band EVER!!!!!!

Online I am mad for video games and absolutely love sumdog . I love our  blog too!

The video games I love to play are ……..Subway Surf and also Minecraft and Flappy Bird.